Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! TRUST for Engineering Industries is a mass producer of a wide range of quality seating systems, specializing in automotive seats. Since our establishment in 1996, we have accumulated market and industry knowledge and intelligence that have led it to the pioneering stature it stands in today. Read more about capabilities here. You can also fill in a Custom Product Request here.

One of our most important attributes at TRUST for Engineering Industries is our design team, who enable us to provide our clients with the flexibility and diversity they are looking for. We do not believe in a one-solution-fits-all approach and strive to customize our mass manufacturing capabilities to tailor to the requirements of our clients; thus providing them with the seating solutions they need. If, however, a client wishes to manufacture their own designs, our facilities and capabilities are definitely at their service.

Yes, we do! Our after-sales services team makes frequent visits to clients to make sure the delivered products are functioning the way they should and that any needed repairs or adjustments are done in a timely fashion. This qualified team ensures client satisfaction even after the product is finalized, delivered and installed, and assists in immediately solving any problems that may arise.

In order to make such an assessment, we must first know the specifications of the project at hand. There are vital attributes to the price assessment stage, including design, number of required seats and timeframes. For a customized quote, please fill in our Request For Quote form, and for a Custom Product Request, please click here.

The seating solutions offered by TRUST for Engineering Industries vary widely. Designs, colors and specifications can be customized to clients, or can be executed from our many samples and prototypes. Please go through our different Seating Solutions to find out more.

Absolutely! As a provider of seating systems and solutions, we pride ourselves at having vast expertise in all stages of seating system production. We begin with the mere conception of an idea, then process this concept into an actual design that can be executed and manufactured, whether on a small scale or a mass one. We promise to turn our clients’ ideas and concepts into tangible, high-quality, comfortable and cost-effective seating solutions.