TRUST for Engineering Industries strongly believes in the corporate social responsibilities it holds. It s our duty to give back to the community that allows us to thrive, and investing in our society is an integral part of what we do.

Every since the company’s establishment in 1996, TRUST for Engineering Industries has held community support functions periodically, several times a year. We participate in projects that enhance our country and see to its development, and the activities we take part in are diverse.


  • Illiteracy Eradication
    TRUST for Engineering Industries contributes to the eradication of illiteracy in our community by taking part in programs that spread knowledge and enlightenment across all governorates.
  • Community Infrastructure
    As a renowned mass producer of a wide range of quality seating systems, specializing in automotive seats, it is our duty at TRUST for Engineering Industries to play a part in road safety. On a regular basis, our teams contribute to paving public roads in the city and seeing to the implementation of safety regulations and procedures.
  • Training and Development
    Aiming to assist in the elimination of unemployment, TRUST for Engineering Industries frequently trains diverse groups of individuals in different crafts and skills among its already experienced team members. During their training and development, these individuals are financially accommodated and then given the decision to either join the TRUST family or make use of their newly acquired skills elsewhere.
  • Social Support
    Periodically, TRUST for Engineering Industries supports groups of our youth to start their independent lives and their own families.
  • Funding Technical Institutes
    TRUST for Engineering Industries invests in technical educational institutes across the country, especially those related to manufacturing industries. We do this with the aim to empower and develop good calibers in our industry that can raise the bar and enhance the quality of our offerings even further.

  • Quality Advisors Board
    TRUST for Engineering Industries is administered by a Board of Directors comprised that determines the strategic orientations of the company’s activities and ensures their implementation. It exercises certain roles and has powers in particular aspects of the decision making process, including reviewing and setting the company’s annual results and targets, authorizing agreements, and approving transaction exceptions that are not within the company’s announced strategy.